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Friday, June 3, 2011

hangout and singing again & again..

hoho..rindu this blog..rindu nak update malam-malam..rindu nak baca blog kawan-kawan..rindu..rindu...but..i can't do that again as usually..i have the limit..owhhh..can't live without u internet...uwaaaaa.....

now, when i want to online..need to lepaking in oldtown yang takdela dekat sgt gn umh..but okla kan..

for this weeks je i think almost everyday i go out..lepaking wif frens..online..singing..singing and singing....haha..
but,nini kena berjimatla kan..macam-macam nak kena bayar this month...arghhh...pening giler...sebab tu la xmampu nak beli broadband lg kan..haish..cian kan kt nini..:(

and today jugak i went to singing wit my lovely friends and watching the movie..huhu...i think, its so long nini tak tengok movie..! last tengok..when dengan "dia" and malas nak ingat bila..so, i need to make my life biasa balik tengok movie dengan kawan-kawan kan..huhu..but, rindu nk tengok wayang midnight lagi..hukhuk..

so enjoy dis weeks..! and amatlah malas pulak nak start praktikal isnin nanti..haiyoo....doakan niniey guys...!!!

p/s: got tudung satin hana tajima style and also nini kenal gan akak yang keje as a perunding fashion there..and she give me her phone number...she is so adorable...siap dia ajar nini how to wear the "style" scarf..i love her style..eventhough she not wearing scarf..but, bila dia taw nini baru nak beljar pakai tudung..dia tiba-tiba excited ajar nini ..suka-suka..:) and nini beli satu..!! even agak mahal..but, just try it..hehe...

with love from niniey...mwaahhh...

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