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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

why are people talking bout you back again..?

ohh..tired at all..juz need space..think this is the finished line..and i try to forget all kind stuff that happened in my life before..but, why i had being like this..? i don't know where is the mistake, but for sure i'm try to just continue my life as usual as i can..try to ignore about the feeling and all the memories that i have in the previous moment..but, it still have something that make it complicated and i don't like it so much..yes, every people need to go through all this kind stuff to make them learned and be more matured..and i accept it..but, why people still want to disturbing me..? please don't make me annoy u..because i still have a good intentions to you..and i try to let it go from my life..and it worst when i know some people still talking behind me with all of this..please..i can't live it when you still talking bout me..i'm just want to lead my life normally with people around me that honest and sincere with me..people that accept me that who is me now..not before..i'm just want to changes my life to be more better..more matured..only that..! it enough people..please..i don't want to let my tears easily fall again..you don't know what my feeling and how i go through all this kind thing..its hurting me when u still talking behind me when u didn't know my feeling towards all of this..i will let it go but please..let me go too..yes..i'm not perfect.but i try to be a good human with people around me..its the beginning for my life..my new life to find the blessing from ALLAH..its hard when we should let people that we love walk off in our life rite..? and i think i will success to let it go..and i'm trying now.! so please dear..let me try..trying without people annoy me again..and i will not to defaulting my promise..ok..i hold the promise when "people" said its have an explanation one day..! and i want to hearing that with my own ears and eyes..! so now, please..i'm just to live my life normally and let time counting every second to reach that explanation..waiting is hurting..im now waiting but i will see..!

with love,niniey

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