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Thursday, May 19, 2011

ini kelakar..adoi..please ok !

adoi..tension nyer aku..please la dear..dont make something that will make me annoy u okay dear..? okay..??? ohh sweety baby..no need to used the new account to publish ur loving pic to me..ahh so sweet..cam nak nangis guling-guling je..huhu..stalker is okay if we not too over limit but, no need to used ur high effort to get to know my activities..ohh..terasa diri ini artis pulak..! hmm..*sigh..it's unmatured things okay!

since i pun no longer knows ur life or someones else life..so, i thinks its enough rite..? why we need stalker..? rasa tergugat maybe..?? no have trust in relationship..? or something else..ohh..malas nak mengkaji..my last paper is more important things now..another two days and im free..!!!

just remember guys, our action will tell us how old of our ages now..weather kita sudah matang or not..it will tell us berdasarkan pelakuan kita..so, i believes semua da besar kan..? dah matang kan..?

Good intentions make good karma, it is showed in how great is your life


renung-renungkan..dan selamat beramal...

with love, niniey


miZs kArtiKa said...

ninie..u hot...thats why rmai yg usha blog u...hahaha....:) i like byk2 kli u nyer entry kli nih..yeahh!!!

CiK niNiEy said...

ikaa...my strenght is down back :(

=kiela= said...

yg sebelah u tu cute kn...
u kn hot...msti ramai yg stalker u kn..
nice pic...nice entry dear...=)

miZs kArtiKa said...

why dear???
ce citer byk2 sket..
tonite i fly g tmpt u oke..:)
nnti storry morry yeaaa..:)

CiK niNiEy said...

kila..alooo...maybe la kan..hesy...xbek perasan...adoi..

yg sebelah..? ermmmmmmm...

CiK niNiEy said...

ika...can't wait...!