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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cepatkanlah masa berlalu

yes..i want my day is quickly go..and go..just dont want to see all kind of this thing yet..and i want to quickly finished my study...soon..!
but, i know i will missed my study too..=(
to continue my study..yes..i want it..but...if ade rezeki and kekuatan..and maybe jugak tak.....
tapi daripada i can't perform this semester well..better i will relax dulu..just need time to calm myself with all the things that did happen around me..i need time..need more time..but now, i dont get that time yet..semua benda kena fikir...
tadi borak with my mom in phone..and she give me her support..but, aku xdapat borak lama...just because i can't stop my tears to drop down and down..i mish all kind of things in my previous time..

really...really missed it...missed it so..so..much...!

but, benda ni lah orang cakap...masa xboleh di putarkan kembali...kalau lah boleh....

and now..i just follow my instinct...just follow ape kata hati aku sendiri...i will try..and if i failed..i will satisfy by myself..i will organize my life by my self..and i know DIA maha mendengar dan mengetahui setiap hamba-hambaNYA..berpegang teguh pada itu..i will try to get of what i want..i know im not alone..Allah with me ! i will never..never loose hope...*tengs seha for this word..

Insyaallh..akan ada jodoh kami..i will never loose hope and will pray for it..

my heart is belong to you !

and this thing is encourages me to be like this..!

When everything going against you.. Always remember, that planes and kites takes off against the wind, not with it !!

The greatest Pleasure in life is DOING what others say you CANNOT do !

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter . Try Again. Fail Again. Fail better.

i will do my best..to do my best..i will try the best...

*hope akan ada jalan penyelesaian for my FYP too...

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